31 December, 2010

2010 report

good and bad things just happened, the experiences that make me grow
and to found out what i really want, i think tatz de important part

so basically the main event in my life, tat i could remember
i graduate from TheOneAcademy
i go through graduation campaign, Phenomena 75
i had awesome graduation convo
i changed new handphone
i bought myself expensive gadget
i lie to had a trip wit "some 1"
i sneak out for clubbing in zouk till 4am
i backpack to Taiwan myself, 11days
i met new people, friends
i get new car paint
i caught in accident
i get a job, freelance
i work in office alone until late night, and OTs
i spent n shop a lot for myself and alone
i watch movie in cinema alone, n wit friends
i brought mom and dad to expensive restaurant
i am official 21st and i throw a party
i received a lot unexpected presents and surprised n wishes
i attend a lot 21st bday party and bday party
i done a few bad things, quite bad
i fall in love, and fall out love and i date

no idea whats coming and not really expecting
what i wishing for...
i will work it out myself, instead of waiting for it

"go get a guy, a boyfriend" tatz wad my friend told me to, few of them.

06 October, 2010

backPacked2Taiwan-Day 5+6+7+8+9+10+11

Day 5
Morning, before leaving dan shui
i decide to take a walk more.
visit a few more places.
i m in love wit this little simple city.

long long yao za guai XD

along the sea. wad i regret de most is,
i dint get to cycle around here. D:

random weird statue

i jz pick de wrong day. bunch of kid tat day.

tis is not a toilet.

paint at d wall.

i off n taipei n take gao tie to tao yuan at 12.30pm
ops, i had de wrong seat at d train XD
sorry la, uncle.

den guess wad. i lost again.
when i reached tis place
i m lik took hour to find de place i stay.
i m wet, very wet.

the room tat stay in zhong li

de counter/reception
i like tis place.
friendly boss, nice enviroment, near stations
n most important is.. near SHOPPING!
anyways, tis is de room ;D

nice flowery bed sheet XD vintage-nia

n.. door-less bathroom

as usual, some exploration around.

tis is de photo of lady-boss n her husband.

coffee maker in d pantry ;D

MUAHAHA, my stuff on de day
random accessories along de road side.
nice sales girl of the ear rings n necklace.

shirt from tis store :

it jz nx to the hotel i stay.
nice boss, n pretty lady sales girl ;D

de boss deco his store himself. diy.
n stock was get from japan n korea by himself

;D nice dress, shoes, heels, accessories ect
well, i promise him help him promote XD hahaha

ekhem. Day 6.
say bye to lady boss n i off to other place again.
hello, xin zhu!
OMG, tis city is so windy. m so love
but it doesnt blew me off la XDD
n heres a park for public

i guess tis is normal at other contry
i saw some hav their training in LRT stations too
i jz walk along de streets near by den i go bak to de hotel
tired n started to feel sicked.

sorry la XD i only realize no photos until i leaving

day 7.
walk myself to the train station again after de breakfast
provided by de hotel.
err.. not so nice. typical chinese breakfast
it is a rainy day.

a very good auntie serving me =)
1 thing is. i wonder y is the room key needed to b.. so.. big

after dropping my luggage,
i went out for a short walk n dig for lunch.

i miss tis fish very.. very much D:

original slam dunk comic aaaaah

it rains again. head back n nap until evening 7pm
day r getting dark.
settle my dinner at nearby 7-11
chat wit the auntie for almost 2 hours standing
enjoy the talk very much =D

Day 8.
i see tis cake shop since yesterday
n i decided to hav my breakfast here
n no regrets. is nice =)
D: but.. wads tis call again?

yes ;D 2 cake n 1 coffee for breakfast

head to gao xiong~!
yay, i m waiting for tis room ler.
* i die die also ask my bro book me tis room be4 i came taiwan*


key to de room

is lik own house/room. de deco is so warm~
dey hav 3 themes in total, tis is de ballet room
i want the bear theme, but it was taken.

the bed n pillow is sooo so soft.
i wish i could bring it home XD
nap a while, den i walk around de city
finally, i can shop a bit more today
coz it is close to the end of de trip

n went to hav a nice ramen around
after tat, a night walk

hyper when i see tis shop
Y I CANT FIND IN MSIA?! i mean cheap n nice

Day 9
due to the day of 2days raining
i decided cancel my beach plan.
useless liao la! my bikini ;__;

so, tis is de day i call SHOP TILL DROP
i went back to zhong li n shop
coz cheaper, n got familiar de boss mah ;D
more discount.
shop until evening, fetch by de boss
*whee* 2nd time of riding motor in taiwan

n i m sharing a room wit other 5 people
but they r super noisy ish.

Day 10
Finally, i able to go to de largest n 24hours bookstore today!
n taipei 101

i think it look nicer at night.
-_- my mom keep asking me to go during day..

machine tat tells u abt de city

in de lift.

those who came to my room
should hav know i got 5 of dem ;D

awww.. i should hav jz stay here instead.
i mean de 24hours bookstore
hahaha. so maneh books n sooo big
unfortunately, i only can stay here for a while
n i brought 4kgs books. *happy*

this is de cd floor thou

abt to leave, dragged n nagged by a sales girl
whom keep asking me to buy their products
seriously annoying
waste almost 1hour there listen to her

last walk in xi men ding
n i saw her. jazz drumer

1 of my dinner choice
i though wad is their 葱抓饼
mana tao
is roti canai + chicken fross (ur choice) lolx

back to TBP hostel. packed my stuff.
tmr is de day, heading back to my country.
i take away some food and dinner wit hostel ppl
dey r so friendly n kind.

after a while, a girl from japan came for check in.
n same room as me
she stop by taiwan for transit.
=D such a good opportunity
i talked to her wit my cacat japanese

Day 11

breakfast wit the jap girl.
then she go to air port before me.
say bye, n i continue packing
n i m ready to airport too
another, rainy day.

bye taiwan. wish i could come again ba ;D

i really enjoy de trip very much =D
a very meaningful trip